Welcome to Bread of Life! We are glad to have you visit our website. We hope this will give you a small window into our local church family.
We purpose to be a Spirit-filled, God seeking church. We clearly see our need for God, and seek to have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ whom the scriptures reveal as the only way to know God. We also believe that the presence of God is more than a theological truth. We desire to daily live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
We are a family. The New Testament reveals a familial language, not a professional-ministerial one. We seek to live in a relational culture free from cliques and preferential treatment, where people can be celebrated and not just tolerated. We desire to share life together, learning to love one another while remaining clear in regards to sin and unrighteousness, which destroy relationships.
We have a mission. We are called to build a unique expression of the Kingdom of God with a Biblical-supernatural Christianity in The Valley. The Good News of God’s love and His rescuing work from death and destructive living must be proclaimed and revealed. We are not here for ourselves, we are here to preach the Gospel.
Simply stated: We want to seek God, love one another, and reach people. Please feel free to come visit us at one of our services for fellowship, prayer, or just to meet us. We would be honored if you did!